PVOGS Conference 2019

PVOGS Pre-asm workshop 2019

PVOGS Pre-ASM Workshop: The Golden Speculum

12th October 2019


Introducing The PVOGS Pre-ASM Workshop: The Golden Speculum

Join us at Melbourne University, October 12, 8am-4.30pm for this year's PVOGS Workshop.

With morning talks focused on O&G emergencies including:

- How to talk to women about miscarriage
- Managing PPH on the wards
- How to set yourself apart in your application for O&G Residency/RANZCOG training program
....and more to be announced!

And in the afternoon, team up with like-minded O&G enthusiasts to work through a series of seven workshops to out-ultrasound out-suture and out-wit your opponents to claim the Golden Speculum!

Tickets: $70 for the morning ($60 for PVOGS members) with lunch included or $120 for the full day ($110 for PVOGS members).

Tickets on sale from 6th July 6pm.

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Medical Building University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Conference Highlights

Pre/Post O&G rotations

Many of the workshops and activities are divided between individuals who have completed their O&G rotation, in order to best deliver content that is both engaging and suitable for the individuals' current level of training

laparoscopic skills workshop

What do spades and Bipolars have in common? What's a Ligasure and how's that different from a Babcock? Learn or hone your skills with laparoscopic instruments at this workshop, and impress the consultants next time you step into theatre.

suturing workshop

Whether you've never sutured before or have regularly closed skin after a midline laparotomy, the suturing workshop brings an O&G spin to a staple medical technique.

ultrasound workshop

Learn how to translate the snowstorm that is an ultrasound screen into a baby! It's Magic! Hands on with direct supervision with various ultrasound machines and probes, and practice various scanning techniques!

the competition is on!

7 teams rotate through various challenges to claim the prize of The Golden Speculum, however only one team will reign supreme and be awarded the coveted Golden Speculum! Will it be your team?

applying for training?

Come listen to Prof. Michael Permezel who has served the RANZCOG community for over 20 years, including as Chair of Training and Accreditation Committee, walk you through the confusing maze that is applying for training.


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